St. Michael Lutheran

                                                  2013 Stanford Achievement Test Results

                                                                 Summary of High Points

Stanford is a nationally normed and recognized measurement of student achievement.  One statistic from this evaluation is a percentile score.  An average percentile score on this test is 50.  As a school, St. Michael scored 17 points above national average.  Strongest areas were science and social studies, 27 and 23 points above national averages.  Reading results were 13 points above, language arts 14 points above, and math 19 points above.

Another statistic is grade level equivalent.  Using grade level statistics; St. Michael students averaged 1.3 years of progress last year, average would be 1.0 years of progress.  As a school, St. Michael students averaged 1.8 years above grade level.

It should be noted that achievement testing is just one snap shot of student progress.  Report card grades, daily work, tests and overall school attitude and satisfaction are also very important in understanding student development.