St. Michael Lutheran

Our Story


     St. Michael Lutheran Church and School, a fellowship founded in Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior. Our congregational beginning goes back to 1961, when St. Michael was established in Wayne, Michigan, led by
 Pastor Paul Dorn. The inaugural worship service was held October 22nd at Schweitzer School on Glenwood Avenue.

 We were originally known as The Lutheran Church of West Wayne.  Soon afterward,  the congregation chose the name St. Michael Lutheran Church. Under this name, the  Michigan District of the Lutheran Church Missouri Synod extended a charter to St.  Michael on February 4, 1962.  The records show we had grown to 45 communicant  members.

     Blessed with growth and the need to establish a permanent facility, we broke ground in January of 1963.  Today, when you walk into the school gym, you are stepping into the original church building dedicated to God’s service on September 15, 1963.

     Over the next 14 years, the original building served the needs of our growing congregation.  Then, in May of 1977, St. Michael began a period of expansion.  

     A fund raising campaign, Program of Progress, was established to build our current sanctuary.  We celebrated its ground breaking April 19, 1979 and dedicated this expansion on February 24, 1980.  Since then, we renovated the sanctuary in 1991 by moving the altar and pulpit from the center to their current position, adjusted the pews to increase the capacity, and added the pipe organ.  Some other notable additions are the current soundboard system (1996), the stained glass arch behind the altar and the stained glass sword above the altar (1997), and the overhead projection system (December 2004).

     From St. Michael’s earliest days, Lutheran education rose as an important part of our ministry.  Our start was establishing a partnership with St. Matthew Lutheran School in Westland and in 1974 calling Nancy (Hemler) Banks as our first teacher to teach there.  In 1980, St. Michael formed its own preschool, calling Judy Hughes as its first teacher-director, which today has grown to over 60 students.  At last in August of 1982, St. Michael called its first principal-teacher, Harv Schmit, Nancy Banks left St. Matthew to start teaching here, and classes began with 57 students enrolled in Kindergarten through 8th grade.

     The congregation, seeing the school’s potential, initiated a capital growth campaign in 1985 to build classrooms. This culminated with the dedication of the current education wing in March 1987. Finally, in 2001, we added the two classrooms at the north side of the gym, and restructured the roof, unifying the facility and assuring no more water leaks.

     In the most recent past (January 2009), as a result of the destructive force of a broken water pipe, we were able to replace the pews and carpeting in the sanctuary, plus refurbish the church and school offices, Thank God for His providence.